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Commercial Wall Mounted Canopy Exhaust Hood System

​These Wall-Mounted Hoods provide effective, economical venting of exhaust fumes. Because they mount on the wall above your work bench, they don't require any floor space. Simply connect the discharge to your in-house ventilation system; an integral baffle conducts the gas flow into the hood from all sides. Their stainless-steel construction is clean-room compatible and resists a wide range of corrosive fumes. Includes mounting hardware.

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Commercial Island Canopy Exhaust Hood System

The single island style commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are the perfect solution when used over a single row of cooking equipment in an open space application such as show cooking. Drawing air from both sides of the hood, the V-bank design promotes efficient capture and containment in single island cooking applications. The grease exhaust hoods are listed and complies with industry codes and standards. Our highly efficient designs include our PEL (Performance Enhancing Lip) technology and are constructed of stainless steel.


Commercial Back Shelf Exhaust Hood System

Our proximity hoods have an industry leading five dimensions of adjustment which make them the perfect solution for low ceilings and light and medium duty cooking applications. The proximity hood sits close to the cooking equipment allowing for lower exhaust rates and smaller hoods. Proximity hoods are designed for grease and heat laden effluent and are shorter in height and depth than a canopy hood. The name "Proximity" or "Backshelf" refers to the close location of the hood with respect to the cooking equipment. In addition, our proximity hoods have an optional plate shelf and/or pass-over enclosure to meet your varying design constraints.

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Commercial Fire Suppression Exhaust Hood System

The first line of defence against fire in a commercial kitchen is the fire protection system installed in the exhaust hood. We have a variety of factory pre-piped fire protection systems. All systems use a wet chemical to suppress fire and are an automatic, pre-engineered systems, designed to protect ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, filters and cooking equipment.


Commercial Heat & Condensation Exhaust Hood System

These hoods are designed to capture heat and/or condensation from non-grease producing appliances such as ovens and dishwashers, to give the floor staff a more comfortable working environment


Commercial Kitchen Make Up Air System

We offers both tempered and non-tempered make-up air systems designed to work with your kitchen exhaust system. You may select a stand-alone unit, or a combination package, which includes a combo curb, supply fan and exhaust fan. The package offers the benefit of only one roof penetration for both the supply and exhaust ducts.

From RM2,299

From RM2,299

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