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What's Included:

  • IMOU Ranger 2 WiFi Camera
  • Power adapter
  • Power cable
  • Screw package
  • Mounting plate
  • Installation position map
  • Quick start guide


Setting up:
Step 1: Plug in power
Step 2: Download IMOU Life app on Apple Store or Google Play
Step 3: Connect to Wi-Fi and sync to the camera using the app



Wireless (WiFi) Connection
Unlike traditional CCTV systems where all cameras have to be physically connected by cables to a centralized recording device, a WiFi camera connects wirelessly to your local WiFi network and you'll be able to view the camera on your devices such as a smartphone, iPad, or a laptop. Not only that, but you can also hear, speak to, and receive notifications on your phone whenever the camera detects human, motion, or unusual noise. The camera however does require to be connected physically to a power plug.


Pan & Tilt
You'll be able to pan & tilt the camera using the app on your device


Remote View on your Devices
You will be able to view, listen, speak and receive notifications on your phone using IMOU Life app on IOS or Android devices and IMOU software on a Windows laptop or desktop.


Human Detection & Built-in Alarm
When you set your IMOU cameras to 'armed', you will be notified on your devices via the IMOU Life app if the camera detects any human movement. You can also set the built-in alarm to trigger to scare off intruders.


Abnormal Sound Alert
Sends a notification to your device when it detects an odd sound.


Receive Notifications on Your Devices
You will be able to receive notifications on your devices when the camera detects human, motion, or even unusual sound, which you will then be able to view on your device via the app no matter where you are in the world, as long as your device is connected to the internet.


Two-way Audio
With a built-in mic and speaker, not only you can view a video feed, but you can also hear and also speak to the person where the camera is located. For example, if your camera is located in your kitchen at home, you can see, hear and speak to your family member in your kitchen through the IMOU Life app on your phone.


Night Vision
Infrared Night-vision capable cameras will ensure that you will be able to view your premise at any time of the day under any kind of lightings.

IMOU Ranger 2 WiFi CCTV Camera

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